Hey guys, been a long time since I’ve updated the site but I have something I really think you’ll all find pretty cool. Looking at these hot pieces of ass is one thing but when you can talk to a little piece of your own it’s a much different story. I had a successful personal experience to share with you many moons ago about a Successful Internet Hookup and I found a really cool tool on their site today that really impresses me.

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I actually met the love of my life through these sites and can not be any happier! No it’s not the chick in the post I made prior but she’s sooooo much better and much much hotter! The girl for you is out there guys… give it a try and have fun :)


Hello all and Happy Easter. Today I wanted to show you this beautiful amateur teen that goes by the name of Summer. She has an amazing set of perky tits and loves to show them off. She’s a wholesome next door girl with a little bit of a wild side. She loves to show lucky strangers her private parts that she knows she is not supposed to show anyone. She was raised with a mild manner and strict ways but now that she’s 18 her beautiful body is exposed in all it’s glory for us to all enjoy! She shaves her pussy bald and does a very fine job of it.

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Summer girl might look innocent but don’t be fooled. If she has the chance she’ll put you through hell and back to get you to ravage her body and fulfill her secret desires while playing with her perfect perky tits. I found her at Karup’s HomeTown Amateurs and I’ll say one thing.. if you think this girl looks cute and sexy, wait until you see the videos and other photos of her they have! You’ll see her sexy and kinky ways pretty damn quick. It doesn’t get much better than this Perky Summer Girl’s Tits and sexual adventures!!


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Well, it’s now 2008 and it’s been over a year since my last post. Quite honestly.. I just didn’t give a shit lol. Been really busy with work taking everyone’s money (gotta love sales) and with a few weeks off it’s time to get back in touch with all these girls again..

After seeing how many people really like Liz Vicious I decided it was time to show her darker, more nymphomaniac desire orientated side. She has urges deep within her that cannot be tamed and with an amazing slender body like hers and sadistic mind it’s almost frightening to imagine what she’ll accomplish to get her rocks off when it comes down to it. Hell, imagine when this girl hits her peak 12 years from now in her thirties… OUCH!

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If you like tiny gothic bodies this is the girl to have and watch every day. She goes topless and exposes her little gothic titties and then pulls her panties up over her thighs with legs up high to give a nice view of her slushy gothic teen pussy hole just waiting to be licked, pricked and stuffed by fingers and cock. I swear if I was not so damn sure I’d break her and put her into a body cast after I fucked this girl I’d call her up to come home to play with my girl and I… actually…. maybe that could be fun.. haha! Yes! Now there’s an idea ;)


>> Update: June 7th 2011 <<

New site I found called AltDoll. Really hot Emo and Gothic teen pussy exposed. here’s a short video sample and a couple galleries from them to enjoy. Gallery 1Gallery 2


Also, I have found a really cool gothic porn movies link I wanted to share with you too.

Here’s one that was just sent to me today (Nov 06 2011). It’s called Horny Emos. Check it out.

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 Oh wow. I know it’s been a while since my last update but this one will definitely make up for lost time! This is a pretty big update so get comfortable! I introduce to you a brand spanking new teen named Banana Brandy. She has the cutest face I have ever seen. The minute I found out she had a site of her own I immediately jumped here to post about it.


 I have to level with you all. This girl has had me in a bind for a good chunk of the day. I cannot get her out of my mind The sight of her tender teen ass has me randomly gyrating in my seat. Can you image watching her slowly undress herself and exposing that beautiful and fresh tummy then slowly pulling down her jeans and panties to reveal the most delicate and perfect moist pussy? Oh man. I would mount that in an instant and enjoy visions of her perky budding breasts tickling my chest with each thrust! She gives you such a tease in her pictures and videos. It’s like being with a fresh 18 year old highschool girl all over again, except with brandy you get to see the goods as she explores her body and enjoys the thought of all you panting sweaty men wanting to ravage her body and tight teen pussy! Watching her gently rubbing and caressing her fresh and tight tits, waist and thighs will have you wanting to bend her over and take her doggie style! Take a look at the galleries below to see for yourself! I bet you can’t hold back on your desires for her either!


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This post is dedicated to KMD (Kate) as a huge thank you for your support of Bitching Galleries and since you’re so fond of teens with fine asses and such. ;)


Hey everyone! Meet Kristina from Karups Private Collection. I managed to snag a few pictures of her to show her cute teenage body off to you. Most notable is that smooth teen pussy she is sporting and the fact that it’s flawless! Not a stitch of hair is present on this good kitty! I love it when a girl takes her hygiene this seriously and gives us grateful hornytoads a very smooth teen snatch to eat from. I chose this girl mostly because of that great hairless pussy of hers but also because she’s so damn cute. I love the way she slyly smiles and flirts with us as the camera snaps pictures of her.


beautiful brunette teen with lush lips and bedroom eyes strips down to bare tiny pussy

Click image to view her photo samples – Enter here for access to the rest.


I hope you enjoyed this preview of Kristina. I’m curious though. What do you guys think of Karups so far? Are you more of a HomeTown amateur fan or a Private collection fan? Post a comment below and let me know. I’d live to hear from you all. Until then… head on over to Karups PC to meet more of the lovely teens with soft warm inviting teen pussies and get a load of over 1 MILLION amateur teen photos and movies. They strip, touch themselves, some even have sex. the best part is, a lot of these girls keep coming back to show you more of themselves and the views caught on camera are enough to make you cum no matter what mood you are in. There’s a perfect pose for everyone! That’s what I love about that site!



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